Fraser Wood


DocuSafe by Fraser Wood is an innovation in making your life easier. We store your documents in a secure online location, controlled by Fraser Wood, so that you can access them at your convenience. This significantly reduces the time needed to get approvals, sign documents or access payslips. All while making your life more convenient.

You will be taken to our secure online storage location where you can see all your available documents. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01248 351 586 during business hours.


Sign-in to access all your documents, from there you can view, sign and print them out.

When you’re done, simply Sign-Out/Logout in the top right corner to keep your data safe.


Sign-in to access all your payslips, from there you can view and print them out.

Please note, if you see the sign-in box stating that this is an IRIS system, please continue to sign-in. This is normal if your sign-in process failed for any reason.

Please contact us by phone 01248 351 586 or by filling in this FORM and we can have a chat over a cup of coffee to see how we can help you.